The Racing & Record literature list contains around 260 books that deal with racing and record aircraft. The list does not only contain "pure" R&R books – the criterion for inclusion is that the books should contain at least one reasonably informative chapter about R&R planes. A list of this kind is of course never complete, so we need your help to fill it, especially with books about general record-breaking and long-distance flights and books in other languages than English. If you know of any books that you think should be added to the list, please contact us! The list contains a couple of "special titles" published by periodical publications, but no magazines as such. It also does not include any air race programs.

You can also download the complete PDF format master list (400 kB), including publishing data, some extra comments and ISBN numbers (where available).

Condensed book list




Air Racing


Air Racing - World's Fastest Motorsport


Air Racing Unlimited

  L'Aviation Triomphante
  The Centenary Air Race
  La Coupe Schneider 1913-1931


E. M. "Matty" Laird's Super Solution - Symbol of an Era of Aviation Progress


Famous Air Racers


Famous Racing and Aerobatic Planes

  The Powder Puff Derby – The Record 1947-1977
  Speed – The Book of Racing and Records
  Sport Flying – By the Editors of Flying Magazine


World and United States Aviation & Space Records

Allard, Noel

Speed - The Biography of Charles W. Holman

Allen, Richard Sanders The Northrop Story 1929-1939

Allen, Richard Sanders

Revolution in the Sky

Andrews, CF
Cox, WG

The Supermarine S4 – S6B

Andrews, CF
Morgan, EB

Supermarine Aircraft Since 1914

Apostolo, Giorgio
Cattaneo, Gianni
Idrocorsa Macchi – Macchi Seaplane Racers

Barker, Ralph

The Schneider Trophy Races

Bazzocchi, Ermanno Technical Aspects of the Schneider Trophy and the World Speed Record for Seaplanes
Bedei, Francis
Joy, Max
Histoire de Port-Aviation

Benjamin, Delmar
Wolf, Steve

Gee Bee

Berliner, Don

Airplane Racing

Berliner, Don

Unlimited Air Racers

Berliner, Don

World Wide Directory of Racing Airplanes Volume 1

Berliner, Don

Victory Over the Wind - A History of the Absolute World Air Speed Record

Berry, Peter

Beechcraft Staggerwing

Bissonette, Bruce

Travel Air - A Photo History

Bizzozero, Ettore
Martegani, Carlo

Il Trofeo Schneider in Miniatura

Blackmore, Lew K Hawker – One of Aviation's Great Names
Bostock, Peter The Great Atlantic Air Race – The Adventure and its Lessons

Bousquet, Philippe
Bellis, Jean

L'Age d'Or des Hydravions - Tome 2, Première Partie - Les Courses, les Concours et les Meetings

Bowers, Peter

The Gee Bee Racers

Bowers, Peter M

Curtiss Aircraft 1907-1947

Bowman, Martin W

The World' Fastest Aircraft

Britzke, Ron

Speed King: Rudy Kling

Bromby, Robin The Last Great Air Race – London-Christchurch, 1953

Bruce, JM

Sopwith Tabloid

Buehl, Fred W
Gann, Harry S

The National Air-Race Sketchbook 1930 to 1949

Cahisa, Raymond L'Aviation d'Ader et des Temps Héroïques

Caler, John W
Underwood, John

The Art Chester Story

Carter, Dustin W

Racing Planes and Air Races, Volume XIII - 1977-78 Biennial

Carter, Dustin W
Matthews, Birch J

Mustang - The Racing Thoroughbred

Casey, Louis S

Curtiss - The Hammondsport Era 1907-1915

Casey, Louis S The First Nonstop Coast-to-Coast Flight and the Historic T-2 Airplane
Casey, Louis S
Batchelor, John
Floatplanes and Racers
Cassangeres, Ev The Untold Story of the Spirit of St. Louis

Cathcart, Jones Owen

Aviation Memoirs – Including Australia and Back and Other Record Flights

Christy, Joe

Racing Planes Guide

Christy, Joe

Racing Planes & Pilots

Clouston, AE

The Dangerous Skies

Cochran, Jaqueline

The Stars at Noon

Cochran, Jaqueline
Brinley, Maryann Bucknum

An Autobiography

Coggan, Paul A

Mustang Survivors

Coggi, Igino

MC 72 & Coppa Schneider, Volume I

Coggi, Igino

MC 72 & Coppa Schneider, Volume II

Cook, David C

Racing Planes That Made History

Corani, Nicola
Destefani, Matteo
Magri, Armando
Pasqualini, Fabio
Zanola, Stefano

I, Velocisti di Desenzano del Garda

Cowin, Hugh W

The Risk Takers

Dabrowski, Hans-Peter

Heinkel He 100 - World Record and Propaganda Aircraft

Dabrowski, Hans-Peter

Jagdeinsitzer Heinkel He 100 - Weltrekordmaschine und Propagandavogel

De La Rivière, Sam
Around the World Air Race – Course Aérienne Autour du Monde
Delagrange, Olivier
Delagrange, Yolande
Léon Delagrange – Le "Dandy Volante"
Demetz, Peter The Air Show at Brescia, 1909

Denham, TS


Dwiggins, Don

Hollywood Pilot - The Biography of Paul Mantz

Dwiggins, Don

They Flew the Bendix Race

Eberspacher, Warren

Monograph on Cessna Mid-1930 Racing Aircraft CR-1, CR-2, CR-2A, CR-3

Eberspacher, Warren

Monograph on the 1920 Dayton-Wright RB Racer

Eberspacher, Warren Volume 1 of Lesser Known Record & Racing Aircraft
Eberspacher, Warren Volume 2 of Lesser Known Record & Racing Aircraft
Elliott, Brian A Blériot – Herald of an Age
Eustis, Nelson The Greatest Air Race – England-Australia 1919

Eves, Edward

The Schneider Trophy Story

Fairbanks, Don
Christensen, Eugenia
Once Around the Patch (of Life) – The Autobiography of Don Fairbanks

Forden, Lesley

Glory Gamblers - The Story of the Dole Race

Foxworth, Thomas G

Speed Seekers

Fradeani, Valfredo Storia di un primato – Dalla Coppa Schneider all'impresa di Agello

Friedlander, Jr, Mark P
Gurney, Gene

Higher, Faster and Farther

Gandt, Robert

Fly Low Fly Fast

Glines, Carroll V Around the World in 175 Days - The First Round-the-World Flight

Glines, Carroll V

Roscoe Turner - Aviation's Master Showman

Glines, Carroll V
Cohen, Stan
The First Flight Around the World
Goold, Ian The Rutan Voyager

Grantham, A Kevin

P-Screamers - The History of the Surviving Lockheed P-38 Lightnings

Grantham, A Kevin
Veronico, Nicholas A

Griffon-Powered Mustangs

Granville, JI

Farmers Take Flight

Gwynn-Jones, Terry

Farther and Faster – Aviation's Adventuring Years 1909-1939

Haffke, Henry H

Gee Bee - The Real Story of the Granville Brothers and Their Marvelous Airplanes

Hall, Art Howard's Golden Age
Halperin, Herbert H The Sky's No Limit – Round the World Air Race 1994

Handleman, Philip

Air Racing Today – The Heavy Iron at Reno

Handleman, Philip

Speedsters - Today's Air Racers in Action

Handleman, Philip Air Racing Over Reno – The World's Fastest Motorsport
Handleman, Philip
Jerram, Mike
Moll, Nigel
Pealing, Norman
Wallick, Philip
Supershow – The Best in Air Racing and Display

Hannan, Bill (editor)

GBs & Gee Bees – International Air Races and Racers

Hardy, Michael J

The North American Mustang

Hauet, André

Les Avions Caudron (Tome II)

Hawks, Frank Once to Every Pilot

Hawks, Ellison

British Seaplanes Triumph in the International Schneider Trophy Contests

Heerkens, Nor Met de "Uiver" naar Melbourne

Heimann, Erich H

Die schnellsten Flugzeuge der Welt – 1906 bis heute

Heimann, Erich H Um die Wette mit dem Schall - Die schnellsten Flugzeuge und ihre Geschichte

Henshaw, Alex

The Flight of the Mew Gull

Hirsch, Robert S

Goodyear & Formula One Air Racing 1947-1967 Volume One

Hirsch, Robert S

Goodyear & Formula One Air Racing 1967-1995 Volume Two

Hirsch, Robert S Schneider Trophy Racers

Hirsch, Robert S
Feist, Uwe

Heinkel 100, 112

Hirsch, Robert S
Hirsch, Ross N

Aircraft of Air Racing's Golden Age Part I

Hirsch, Robert S
Hirsch, Ross N
Aircraft of Air Racing's Golden Age Part II

Hirsch, Robert S
Schultz, Barbara H

Wedell-Williams Air Service

Hoch, Georg

Die Messerschmitt Me 109 in der Schweizer Flugwaffe - ein Stück Zeitgeschichte

Hood Erwin Heinkel He 100 –  Record Breaker

Hood, Joseph E

The Skyracers - Speed Kings of Aviations Golden Age

Hooftman, Hugo Nederlandse Viegtuig Encyclopedie Fokker-Douglas DC-2

Hull, Robert

A Season of Eagles

Hull, Robert

September Champions - The Story of America's Air Racing Pioneers

Huntington, Roger

Thompson Trophy Racers

James, Derek N

Schneider Trophy Aircraft 1913-1931

James, Derek N

The Schneider Trophy Contest

Jerram, Mike

Reno 2 - The National Championship Air Races

Jessen, Gene Nora

The Powder Puff Derby of 1929 – The True Story of the First Women's Cross-Country Air Race

Johnston, AM "Tex"
Barton, Charles

Tex Johnston - Jet Age Test Pilot

Käsmann, Ferdinand CW Die Schnellsten Propellerflugzeuge der Welt

Käsmann, Ferdinand CW


Käsmann, Ferdinand CW

World Speed Record Aircraft

Keefe, Howie

Galloping on Wings with the P-51 Mustang

Kinert, Reed

American Racing Planes and Historic Air Races

Kinert, Reed

Racing Planes and Air Races - A Complete History, Volume I - 1909-1923

Kinert, Reed

Racing Planes and Air Races - A Complete History, Volume II - 1924-1931

Kinert, Reed

Racing Planes and Air Races - A Complete History, Volume III - 1932-1939

Kinert, Reed

Racing Planes and Air Races - A Complete History, Volume IV - 1946 to the present

Kinert, Reed

Racing Planes and Air Races, Volume V - 1969 Annual Covering 1968 Air Races

Kinert, Reed

Racing Planes and Air Races, Volume VI - 1970 Annual Covering 1969 Air Races

Kinert, Reed

Racing Planes and Air Races, Volume VII - 1971 Annual

Kinert, Reed

Racing Planes and Air Races, Volume VIII - 1972 Annual

Kinert, Reed

Racing Planes and Air Races, Volume IX - 1973 Annual

Kinert, Reed

Racing Planes and Air Races, Volume X - 1974 Annual

Kinert, Reed

Racing Planes and Air Races, Volume XI - 1975 Annual

Kinert, Reed

Racing Planes and Air Races, Volume XII - 1976 Annual

King, Stephen Windkiller
Koutný, Lubomír Schneiderův Pohár
Kroese, Wim De Legendarische Vlucht van de Uiver – London Melbourne oktober 1934
Laignier, G-H Guide Pratique pour la Grande Semaine d'Aviation

Laignier, G-H

Livre d'Or de la Grande Semaine d'Aviation de la Champagne

Larsen, Jim

Directory of Unlimited Class Pylon Air Racers

LeVier, Tony
Guenther, John L


Lewis, Peter

British Racing and Record-Breaking Aircraft

Libis, Scott Douglas D-558-1 Skystreak
Lieberg, Owen S The First Air Race

Lieberg, Owen S

Les Premiers Hommes Oiseaux

Liron, Jean

Records Francais de Distance

Liron, Jean

Les Avions Bernard

Luff, David Amy Johnson – Enigma in the Sky

Luff, David

Mollison - The Flying Scotsman

Mackersey, Ian Jean Batten – The Garbo of the Skies

Mackersey, Ian

Smithy - The Life of Sir Charles Kingsford Smith

Maloney, Edward T

Sever the Sky - Evolution of Seversky Aircraft

Mandrake, Charles G

The Gee Bee Story

Mandrake, Charles G

National Air Races 1932 – A Pictorial Review

Matowitz Jr., Thomas G Cleveland's National Air Races

Matt, Paul

Scale Airplane Drawings Volume 1

Matt, Paul

Scale Airplane Drawings Volume 2

Matthews, Birch

Cobra! - Bell Aircraft Corporation 1934-1946

Matthews, Birch

Wet Wings & Drop Tanks

Matthews, Birch

Race with the Wind - How Air Racing Advanced Aviation

McVicar, Don

Mosquito Racer

Mendenhall, Charles A

The Air Racer

Mendenhall, Charles A

The Air Racers 1909-1975

Mendenhall, Charles A The Early Air Racers in 3-views 1909-1929
Mendenhall, Charles A The Gee Bee Racers - A Legacy of Speed
Mendenhall, Charles A The Modern Air Racers in 3-views 1949-1975
Mendenhall, Charles A The National Air Racers in 3-views 1929-1949

Mihaly, Edouard
Robinson, Harry

Les Avions Caudron Renault

Mijksenaar, P J "Wij" in de Melbourne-Race

Mikesh, Robert C

Excalibur III - The Story of a P-51 Mustang

Mortane, Jacques Les Héros de l'Air
Mortane, Jacques Jules Vedrines – Le Gavroche Sublime
Mortane, Jacques Sadi Lecointe – Inspecteur Général

Moll, Nigel

Reno - Air Racing Unlimited

Mondey, David

The Schneider Trophy

Munson, Kenneth
Taylor, John WR

Jane's Pocket Book of Record-Breaking Aircraft

Myhra, David

Messerschmitt Me 209 V1

Nater, Johan P De Uiver – Glorie en Tragiek in de Melbourne Race
Negroni, Laurent
Janin, Stephane
Villain, Antony
Leboine, Francois
Jarsalle, Yann
Nicolaou, Stéphane Deauville 1913, Capitale de l'Hydraviation

Nicolaou, Stéphane

Flying Boats & Seaplanes - A History from 1905

Nicolaou, Stéphane

Reims – 1909: Le Premier Meeting Aérien International

Nicolaou, Stéphane Roland Garros – Héros du Siècle

Norden, Adalbert

Weltrekord Weltrekord

Ogilvy, David

DH88 - The Story of de Havilland's Racing Comets

O'Leary, Michael

Reno Air Racing

Orlebar, A. H.

Schneider Trophy

Palanca, Armando Reparto Alta Velocità – Coppa Schneider e Primati Mondiali di Velocità 1928/1934
Palmer Jr., Henry R The Story of the Schneider Trophy Race
Parmentier, K D In Drie Dagen naar Australië – Met de Uiver in de Melbourne-Race
Peterson, Wallace Pylon! - The Omaha Air Races 1931 - 1934
Post, Wiley
Gatty, Harold
Around the World In Eight Days – The Flight of the Winnie Mae
Pugh, Stevenson Daily Mail Blériot Anniversary Race – 1959

Phillips, Edward H

Cessna – A Master's Expression

Phillips, Edward H Laird Airplanes - A Legacy of Speed

Phillips, Edward H

Mystery Ship! - A History of the Travel Air Type R Monoplanes

Phillips, Edward H

The Staggerwing Story - A History of the Beechcraft Model 17

Phillips, Edward H

Travel Air – Wings Over the Prairie

Radinger, Willy
Schick, Walter

Messerschmitt Me 109 - Das meistgebaute Jagdflugzeug der Welt - Entwicklung, Erprobung und Technik - Alle Varianten: von Bf (Me) 109A bis 109E

Robertson, FA de V
Rugg, Edward
The Record-Makers

Rosenthal, Léonard
Marchand, Alain
Borget, Michel
Bénichou, Michel

Nieuport 1909-1950

Rutherford, Roy Colonel Roscoe Turner – Knight-Errant of the Air
Rowe, Percy The Great Atlantic Air Race
Sahel, Jacques Henry Farman et l'Aviation

Scheppler, Robert H

Pacific Air Race

Schmid, Gerhard Full Throttle – Reno Air Races Today

Schmid, SH "Wes"
Weaver, Truman C

The Golden Age of Air Racing - Pre-1940, Volume 1

Schmid, SH "Wes"
Weaver, Truman C

The Golden Age of Air Racing - Pre-1940, Volume 2

Schofield, HM

The High Speed and Other Flights

Scholte, Henrik We Flew to Christchurch

Scott, CWA

Scott's Book – The Life and Mildenhall-Melbourne Flight

Seya, Masahiro

Knife Edge

Smith, Alan

Schneider Trophy - Diamond Jubilee

Smith, Robert T
Lempicke, Thomas A


Stein, E P Flight of the Vin Fiz

Sweetman, Bill

High Speed Flight

Swinson, Arthur

The Great Air Race

Tegler, John

Gentlemen, You Have a Race

Tegler, John International 1970 Air Racing Annual
Tegler, John International 1971 Air Racing Annual

Tegler, John
Berliner, Don

International 1969 Air Racing Annual

Traynor, Harry The Great London-Victoria Air Race
Turner, Anne
Lamy, Bernard
Malaysia International Air Race

Underwood, John

Of Monocoupes and Men

Underwood, John W

The World's Famous Racing Aircraft

Underwood, John
Caler, John

Experimental Light Aircraft and Midget Racers

Védrines, Jules La vie d'un aviateur

Veronico, Nicholas A
Campbell, John M
Campbell, Donna

F4U Corsair - Combat, Development, and Racing History of the Corsair

Veronico, Nicholas A
Grantham, A Kevin

Round Engine Racers – Bearcats & Corsairs

Vié-Klaze, Marie-Paule
Geneste, Jean-Marie

L'Hydravion à la Conquête des Records (1912-1934)

Villard, Henry Serrano

Blue Ribbon of the Air

Villard, Henry Serrano Contact! – The Story of the Early Aviators

Vorderman, Don

The Great Air Races

Wallace, Graham Claude Grahame-White

Wallick, Philip

Reno Gold - The Unlimited Elite

Weaver, Truman C

62 Rare Racing Planes from the Golden Age of Aviation

Williams, Gary

Unlimited Class Air Racing Results, Volume I 1909-1923

Williams, Gary

Unlimited Class Air Racing Results, Volume II 1924-1939

Williams, Gary

Unlimited Class Air Racing Results, Volume III 1946-1979

Williams, Gary

Unlimited Class Air Racing Results, Volume IV 1980-1998

Williams, Gary
Jones, David

Unlimited Class Racing Plane Data

Williams, Gary
Jones, David

Unlimited Class Racing Plane Data, second edition

Williams, Gary
Jones, David

Unlimited Class Racing Plane Histories

Wragg, David W

Speed in the Air

Yeager, Jeana
Rutan, Dick
Patton, Phil
Zorini, Decio I Primati Aeronautici Italiani