Who are we?

We are a group of enthusiasts dedicated to modelling air racing and record-breaking aircraft of all eras, from the early record breakers to the modern Reno racers, Schneider Trophy racers, Golden Age pylon racers and World Speed Record breakers in between.

We are part of the IPMS, the International Plastic Modellers' Society, an international network of non-profit national and local modelling societies. The main focus of the IPMS is building of plastic model kits, but the society also encompasses other forms of scale modelling. Special Interest Groups are groups that are focussed on particular fields of interest, rather than being geographically organised.

Our group was founded in 1993, as a Special Interest Group under IPMS(UK). Nowadays the membership of our group is international - we are almost 100 members on four continents. The largest numbers of members are found in the USA and the UK. Since 2002 we are also an official Special Interest Group of IPMS/USA.

We have had a display at the IPMS(UK) Nationals, the IPMS/USA Nationals, the Euro Model Expo and a couple of other model shows, but otherwise, because the members are so spread out, there is unfortunately little scope for social activities.

This groups is as much a group about air racing and air races as it is about modelling. Some members are more interested in the history of air racing than in active modelling. This is fine: it’s the historical perspective we all need to make models as accurate as possible.

A third group are the producers of model kits and conversion sets and decal sheets needed to convert commercially available model kits to racing and record aircraft. We actively encourage producers to share information with modellers to archive our common goal:

To create beautiful colorful aircraft models as accurately as possible.