Gold for Marcin Matejko

SIG member Marcin Matejko has won Gold for his scratch built Meteor kit on Scale Model World 2013! 

Well done and of course well deserved for it is a stunning kit (see "All wrong" - How to build a model of "Meteor" based on the Lindberg 1/32 scale kit.)

Marcin is definitely the person to beat if you want to win next year!

SIG R&R at the IPMS Scale Model World 2013

This year we were back at Telford with a bigger table than ever; 18 ft at our disposition to display our models. Also we were at poll position; right at the main entrance opposite to the Airfix stand (I still have a weak spot for them).

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Thank you Anders Bruun!

Since the appearance of the Bent Throttles number 2 in February 1997 Anders Bruun has been the leader of the IPMS Racing & Record Aircraft Special Interest Group. After running the SIG for 15½ years he called it a day.

In all the intervening years he has seen to the publication and distribution of 53 Bent Throttles, filled for a large part with articles from his own hand.  For me and my fellow members receiving the envelope from Sweden was always a joyful moment filled with anticipation of what the new 'BT' would bring.

So hats off to you Anders Bruun! (Or should I say 'Hattar av dig'?)

For his accomplishments in all these years Anders has earned the title 'Honorary Member' of the SIG.