By Marcin Matejko

In the beginning was going to be easy, building the Lindberg  model  out of the box with just a few modifications, at least that was the idea. After closer inspection it turned out that this kit needed a lot of work; new metal and the linen structure on the fuselage as well as scratch building an all-new interior, engine and landing gear.

To make all the modifications I started off with the drawings and pictures and of the plane by Paul Matt. I enlarged these drawings to match scale 1/32, and when I put the model on them I experienced a shock! All big, bad shapes of great simplicity, this model essentially needed to be modified 100%!. Were it not the "Meteor" is such a beautiful machine I for sure would not have started the construction of the model from a Lindberg kit. I thought about the whole thing and came to the conclusion that you can always make a model using less of the kit.